Who we are

Lecturify.net is a small team that serving IRC Bouncer, Virtual servers, Tutoring, and other services. Founded in 2019 with a goal to train pioneers to become SysAdmin with OpenBSD.

Meet our mascot, Hedwig

Our Teammate

  • gry. Founder. Contributes programming in PHP and Perl for the website and assistant chat bots. Speaks Russian and English. Enjoys cycling.
  • Baytuch. SysAdmin. Contributes on services, Such as Minetest, TeeWorlds server, and KiwiIRC.
  • jrmu. Helper. Contributes server hardware. Speaks English, limited Mandarin (Traditional), and a bit of Spanish. Interested in UNIX and Plan 9.
  • Yonle. SysAdmin. Contributes webchat administration (gamja, soju). Speaks English and Indonesian. Enjoys code and UNIX. Also the one who are hosting several services like fedi, XMPP, and so on.