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Oferim servicii care ruleaza OpenBSD sau Linux. De asemenea oferim asistenta pentru tine pentru orice serviciu rulezi pe computerul tau personal.

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Our services


  • ZNC - Remains connected to IRC servers while you are offline.
  • TheLounge Instance - Web IRC client to keep remain connected to IRC servers while you are offline.
  • gamja + soju - Web IRC client with soju bouncer to keep remain connected to IRC servers while you are offline

To request an account for one of our above IRC services, Connect to our IRC at irc.lecturify.net port 6667 (PlainText) / 6697 (SSL).

In #lecturify channel:

  • Type !bnc to request ZNC account
  • !requestthelounge to request TheLounge account
  • !requestsoju to request gamja+soju account

Social network services

Toard, an anonymous imageboard

xmpp chat, requires a client

Matrix, a end-to-end encrypt IM protocol matrix.org

nostr, an open protocol for censorship-resistant global networks, requires client

Bostr, an nostr relay aggregator for saving bandwidth usage when using nostr.

Pleroma, a federated social media

Misskey, another federated social media

Games and video

ytmous, a minimal youtube proxy (source)

Minetest block game minetest.lecturify.net:30000 requires client

Web hosting with PHP, and virtual server rent, are also offered.

Why Lecturify?

We communicate via IRC (text chat) without any video required. This is economical, efficient, low-bandwidth protocol with open standards, with many servers and clients available as free software. Group conversations are possible for collaboration and to meet new people, like you, interested in UNIX and digital safety.

We also offer online internships.

Our software

Lbot http://lecturify.net/lbot.zip, written in Perl, provides guides and tutoring on IRC chat. It includes scripts for classes in many topics, such as ssh, journalism, unix, maths, latex, and more.

See more information: LBot


For further information, Read more about our services, rules, and news.

About us

We are all volunteers. Learn more about who we are, and how to contact us and to contribute; our roadmap.


The content of this website is under Unlicense license which is similar to the public domain.

We are using Weblate for translations.

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