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Наши услуги

We are also available in Tor & I2P.

  • Onion address: p3hv3vzds6ctjucd3l2mbr2cmgzrabighyth3q72a3ue46j46btpv5ad.onion

  • Eepsites: lecturify.i2p


https://ytmous.lecturify.net is a minimal youtube proxy, run with ytmous.


XMPP is an extensive chat protocol. We have XMPP server running at lecturify.net.

Install an XMPP Client, Sign up and meet us at #lecturify@irc.lecturify.net!

Fediverse social media

https://fedi.lecturify.net is a social media. We run it on the open-source federated akkoma software that supports the ActivityPub protocol. Join and share your links or images today.


We offer web hosting with PHP; 1GB space per user; PHP enabled; no shell access, file upload using SFTP protocol.


We also run tutoring via the live chat, where we can help you with computing and English topics. Please check its schedule here. If you are interested in teaching your own course with us, please see how to add a new course page.


Possible 'duties' for the Lecturify 'tutoring / internship':

  • writing chat-based interactive learning platform including a chat interface via IRC protocol in such programming languages as Perl or Python or Nodejs for courses delivery and a calendar scheduler
  • writing administrative modules for IRC chat 'bouncer' software to add tracking of users' metadata and identification of abusive accounts
  • installation and administration of LDAP server for users authentication
  • identification of suitable user-friendly software for localization, such as Weblate, and its subsequent installation and administration
  • writing documentation about usage instructions for lecturify chat and tutoring services, and guides how to start contributing
  • communication with end users seeking their feedback and possible involvement with system administration, programming, testing, or translation
  • testing sandbox programmable game minetest on minetest.lecturify.net port 3000
  • implementation of A/B testing in the lecturify home page to identify design that improves users' engagement

Expected outcomes:

  • in the case of found bugs, bug reports to the developers of free software, and possible written patches upstream
  • new software being written, the 'ecourses' chat based learning platform
  • written materials for these 'ecourses', such as guides for beginners to learn English, programming, and system administration
  • created improved version of the lecturify web site that is clearer and more engaging
  • added translations from the end users into the lecturify software

Learned skills:

  • gained experience talking with beginners and helping them with these interactive guides and improving these guides based on the users' feedback
  • gained skill of searching for software for a specific purpose, such as the software search for localization
  • gained skill of improvement of software UX and documentation to increase users' retention
  • gained skill of communication with end users and incorporating their feedback in the form of task items or fixes
  • improved understanding of authentication protocols and communication protocols on the Internet and their advantages and disadvantages

Сдача виртуальных серверов в аренду

We also offer virtual server hosting with OpenBSD or Linux. Includes root access. OpenBSD or Linux Operating System. Includes 1GB of RAM, and a shared CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 V1 HEX (6) Core 2.3Ghz (will not work with V2 CPUs), and 5GB of disk storage.


We offer IRC chat "bouncers", software that saves chat history while you are offline. Unlimited number of networks. Includes access to ZNC web panel for settings and configuration. Custom vHosts supported. Custom Bouncer modules supported.

ZNC: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2

'Gamja(Soju)' webchat: Screenshot 1

'Theloungechat' webchat: Screenshot 1

Minetest block building game

Minetest is a classic and fun free software game in which players build with blocks.

Install a client at http://www.minetest.net and configure the client to connect to our server minetest.lecturify.net:30000 today. :)