Lecturify has various websites

Lecturify has a mascot here which is not shown anywhere else

There is a logo at, a social network

There is another logo at donate page,

These websites have various design and no consistent identification as a Lecturify thing such as

  • logo
  • link to lecturify home page
  • link to lecturify chat contact
  • link to lecturify donate page
  • maybe some of the above, not all of the above (link to lecturify home page seems the most minimal requirement)

If/when adding these things the existing logo would need to stay, for example, has a znc logo. Where would the Lecturify logo be added then - replace, or add, if add, then where.

In some cases (ytmous full screen, web chat) adding ANYTHING would overlay an existing working area and interfere with functionality, unless someone is very careful.

Attempted solution 1

<div class="topbar" style="position:inline-block; top:0px; width:100%; right: 5px; left: 5px; background-color: orange;">Lecturify - ZNC - Chat (Gamja - The Lounge - Kiwi IRC) - Fedi social network - Ytmous YouTube proxy - BOOK A CLASS - Donate - Contact</div>

Screenshots for attempted solution 1

This page


The Lounge