Our services

Web hosting

We offer web hosting with PHP. Free trial for the first three months. The server runs OpenBSD. The service is in beta.

  • 1GB space per user. PHP enabled.
  • No shell access, file upload using SFTP protocol.
  • Price is $2/month, First three months free trial.


We also run tutoring via the live chat, where we can help you with computing and English topics. Please check its schedule here.

  • Is stress-free learning, walk in at any open hour. No need to adapt to a fixed class schedule.
  • Includes purposely breaking things as an exercise. Teaches you how to respond to incorrect input and failure scenarios.
  • Is via plain text chat -- IRC -- which is real-time. No need for audio or video, or to wait for a reply for several hours on a forum or a mailing list.

If you are interested in teaching your own course with us, please see how to add a new course page.

Virtual server rent

We also offer virtual server hosting with OpenBSD or Linux.

  • Includes root access. OpenBSD or Linux Operating System.
  • Includes 1GB of RAM, and a shared CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 V1 HEX (6) Core 2.3Ghz (will not work with V2 CPUs), and 5GB of disk storage.
  • Price is $5/month, First month free trial.

IRC chat Bouncers

We offer IRC chat "bouncers", software that saves chat history while you are offline.

  • ZNC free and open-source libre software.
  • Unlimited number of networks. Includes access to ZNC web panel for settings and configuration.
  • Custom vHosts supported. Custom Bouncer modules supported. Free of charge.

How to request a service

Please request our services by email or live chat - see contact - include the following information:

 Desired account name: 
 Desired service (virtual server, web hosting, bouncer, tutoring): 
 If tutoring, then desired role (teacher or student): 
 If tutoring, then desired subject: 
 Reason for request (can include link to your publications, or your previous code, and a description of desired usage): 
 Your contact (email, social media): 

Minetest block building game

Minetest is a classic and fun free software game in which players build with blocks.

Install a client at http://www.minetest.net and configure the client to connect to our server minetest.lecturify.net:30000 today. :)